Getting spring sales off to the best start

Getting spring sales off to the best start

9th January 2017

Now Christmas is over and we’ve had our fill of turkey and Christmas pudding, it’s time to think about feeding over-wintered nursery stock. Helping ensure plants look their best for early spring sales, it can also help improve plant quality during the growing season.

For plants you weren’t expecting to carry over from last season, the chances are the original nutrition programme may be running out of steam. Also, plants bought in from abroad may be in need of a top up.  European growers generally use less controlled release fertilizers relying on water-soluble products.  Plants are therefore more likely to run out of nutrition in the spring, particularly if you growing them on outside, as high winter rainfall washes some nutrients away.

Deciduous shrubs and trees will show little sign of nutrient deficiency until spring arrives.

Did you know?

Nutrient deficiencies identification and correction

Copies of our popular nutrient deficiencies poster are available from your ICL technical area sales manager. We also have an online app, to aid nutrient deficiency identification and correction; for use on smartphones, tablets and PCs.


So what can you do?

Quality controlled release topdress fertilizers offer an easy and safe way to invigorate plants – a single application is all that is needed.

Designed for container nursery stock, our controlled release Osmocote Topdress FT (Fusion Technology) contains fast and slow release nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, as well as magnesium and trace elements.  It provides quick greening up as well as sustaining plant growth over a 4-5 month period.

Windy wintery conditions can prove challenging with plants falling over. Our Osmocote Topdress FT contains a unique component that sticks the product to the growing media surface.  So, if plants fall over you haven’t wasted your time and money.

For growers simply looking for a quick green up for overwintered stock, we offer OsmoTop with a 2-3 month release.

Osmocote controlled release technology gives optimum results and safety in all situations.


Click here for more on Osmocote Topdress FT

Top Tip

For easy accurate topdress applications, we can supply measuring spoons (free of charge).

We also sell the purpose designed Fertil Dispenser. Similar looking to a knapsack sprayer, it holds up to 15kg of Osmocote Topdress FT and can be calibrated to dispense 1 -28 grams per dose enabling up to 1500 plants to be topdressed per hour.



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